Refreshing a leading Home Appliances Brand
in West Bengal, India.

Re-Branding & Social Media Marketing.

Challenge & Key Achievements

Cosco Appliances is one of the leading home appliances brand in West Bengal, India. With the wide range of products Cosco Appliances was looking for an expansion to entire state as well as different parts of India.  Radsan Creations helped Cosco appliances to achieve new mile stones with  our Brand refreshing package and let Cosco enjoy new success.

Glimpse of Work done

This is how the brand appears after the successful completion of all the tasks. Completion of all the necessary work has transformed it into a powerful and influential entity.

Creative Marketing Work

After successfully executing a comprehensive marketing strategy, the brand has undergone a remarkable transformation. Its overall image has been revitalized to resonate strongly with the target audience, leaving a lasting impression.

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